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  • Friday Five: Fatherhood program participants' involvement with their kids, how TANF affects child wellbeing, and more Tweet This
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Fatherhood Programs: How Involved Are Fathers with Their Children? 
Ethan Levine, Rebecca Kaufman, Colin Hammar and Jay Fagan, Fatherhood Research and Practice Network

How to Get Your Kid to Talk About School
Christine Carter, Greater Good

Assortative Mating: Educational Homogamy in U.S. Marriages, 1964-2014
Esther Lamidi, Susan L. Brown, and Wendy D. Manning, National Center for Family and Marriage Research

Before Tinder, There Was Video Dating
Erin Blakemore, JSTOR Daily

Low Participation in TANF Doesn’t Harm Child Well-Being
Angela Rachidi, AEIdeas