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  • This week, we're sharing five of our favorite blog posts written by our founding editor, Anna Sutherland. Tweet This
  • IFS founding editor Anna Sutherland covered a broad array of topics in her posts, including military marriage, taxes, contraception, and shot-gun unions. Tweet This
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Editor's Note: This week, we are dedicating the Friday Five to IFS founding editor Anna Sutherland, who passed away on March 6. In addition to editing hundreds of articles from the very beginning of the Family Studies blog in 2013 until she left in 2016 to dedicate more time to her growing family, Anna wrote or co-wrote over 100 blog posts. We've chosen five of her posts to share this week, starting with the first blog she authored for IFS and ending with her last post in 2018. 

Refining Senator Lee's Pro-Family Tax Proposal
Anna Sutherland, September 2013, Family-Studies 

Fighting Family Breakdown Will Take More Than Contraception
Anna Sutherland, January 2014, Family-Studies 

How the Military Promotes Racial Equality and Marriage
Anna Sutherland, September 2016, Family-Studies

Are We Asking Too Much of Our Marriages?
Anna Sutherland, October 2017, Family-Studies

Shotgun Unions Fare Better Than Post-Birth Unions
Anna Sutherland, June 2018, Family-Studies