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  • 2022 American Family Survey, the complexities of stepfamilies in the U.S., and more. Tweet This
  • Marital status, children and safety net participation, Hispanic families, and more. Tweet This
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The 2022 American Family Survey
Webcast Tues., Oct 04, 2022 | 1:00 PM EDT—2:15 PM EDT
Brookings Institution

Defining and Measuring the Complexity of Stepfamilies in the United States
L. Aldrich, K. Guzzo, S. Brown, and K. Payne, MAST Center

How Marital Status and Children Affect Social Safety Net Participation
Michael D. King & Zachary Scherer, U.S. Census Bureau

Latino Children Have Diverse Family Structures, But Most Live With Two Parents
YiYu Chen & Lina Guzman, National Research Center on Hispanic Children & Families

Responsible Fatherhood Programs: Children Benefit from a More Integrated Family Approach
C. Cowan, A. Hawkins, & P. Cowan, Society for Research in Child Development