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  • Can our nation's churches save marriage, the marriage market on campus, and more. Tweet This
  • The U.S. child population, assessing the benefits of the success sequence, and more. Tweet This
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Can Our Nation's Churches Save Marriage—and the Family?
Lee Habeeb, Newsweek

Searching on Campus? The Marriage Market Effects of Changing Student Sex Ratios
Nico Pestel, Review of Economics of the Household

California Non-Profit Poised for Important Family Study
Healthy Relationships California

The U.S. Child Population Shrank by 1 million Between 2010 and 2020
USA Facts

Assessing the Benefits of Success Sequence for Economic Self-Sufficiency and Family Stability
Hande Inanc, Ariella Spitzer, Brian Goesling, OPRE, Administratin for Children & Families