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  • National child welfare information study results, debate on campus, and more. Tweet This
  • UK children's views on a happy life, the declining earnings gap between young men and women, and more. Tweet This

Most Young Americans Are Not Interested in Silencing Debate
Samuel Abrams, Real Clear Education

Results from the National Child Welfare Information Study, 2020
Child Welfare Information Gateway & Children's Bureau

Even the Most Committed Dads of Kids With Special Needs Can Use Support
David Hirsch, National Fatherhood Initiative

Children’s Views on Well-being and What Makes a Happy Life, UK: 2020
UK Office for National Statistics

The Declining Earnings Gap Between Young Women and Men in the United States, 1979–2018
John Iceland & Ilana Redstone, Social Science Research

*Photo credit: Alexis Brown on Unsplash