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  • Benefits of father-child playtime, the demise of the two-parent home, and more. Tweet This
  • Families who received SNAP benefits in 2018, why we need social capital, and more. Tweet This
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Father-child Playtime May Improve Children’s Ability to Control Emotions, Aggression Later in Life
Brianna Sleezer, Study Finds

The Demise of the Happy, Two-Parent Home
Rachel Sheffield and Scott Winship, Social Capital Project

Most Families That Received SNAP Benefits in 2018 Had at Least One Person Working
Tracy A. Loveless, U.S. Census Bureau

Effectiveness of the Family Foundations Co-parenting Education Program
Sarah Hokason, The Relationship Educator Blog

Social Capital: Why We Need It and How We Can Create More Of It
Isabel Sawhill, Brookings Institution