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  • De-escalating couple conflict, the family-sized hole in federal tax reform, and more. Tweet This
  • Multiplying bridesmaids, mother and non-resident father engagement in co-parenting, and more. Tweet This
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The Bridesmaids Are Multiplying
Caroline Kitchener, The Atlantic

A Simple Way to De-escalate Couple Conflicts
The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Half of Millennials Make Out Their Relationship Is Happier Than It Really Is

Addressing the Family-Sized Hole Federal Tax Reform Left for States
Richard C. Auxier, Elaine Maag, Tax Policy Center

FRPN Grantee Report: Evaluating Mother and Nonresidential Father Engagement in Coparenting Services in a Fatherhood Program
Sarah Whitton, Kimberley Sperber, Karen Ludwig, Aaron Vissman & Harold Howard, Fatherhood Research & Practice Network