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  • Growing up with housing stress, the marriage benefit, and more. Tweet This
  • A parent-free nation, what upticks in economic inequality and incarceration mean for marriage, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

Parent-Free Nation?
Amy Guliker, Cardus

Children Growing Up in Families Under Housing Stress
Australian Institute of Family Studies

What Upticks in U.S. Economic Inequality and Incarceration Mean for Marriage
Alix Gould-Werth, Washington Center for Equitable Growth

The Marriage Benefit: Why Marriage Is Healthy Except When It Isn't
Tamara Sher, Clinical Science Insights, The Family Institute at Northwestern University

Is This Any Way to Make Civil Rights Law? Judicial Extension of “Marital Status” Nondiscrimination to Protect Cohabitants
Helen Alvare, Georgetown Journal of Law and Public Policy