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  • The partisan divide in who we marry, military family readiness, and more. Tweet This
  • Cohabitation and marital dissolution, college drinking prevention, and the power of we. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

The Great Partisan Divide in the U.S. is Now Deciding Who Americans Marry
Michael J. Coren, Quartz

Research Affirms the Power of "We"
University of California-Riverside via Science Daily

What We Know About Military Family Readiness: Evidence from 2007-2017
Stacy A. Hawkins, Annie Condon, et al., Defense Technical Information Center

College Drinking: Prevention Perspectives—Lessons Learned at Frostburg State University
Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration (SAMHSA)

Cohabitation Experience and Cohabitation's Association with Marital Dissolution
Michael J. Rosenfeld & Katharina Roesler, Journal of Marriage and Family