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  • Children of divorce want more say, does being in the Navy discourage marriage? and more. Tweet This
  • Postpartum contraceptive use and birth intendedness, wisdom on a silver anniversary, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

Words of Wisdom on a Silver Anniversary
Michelle Malkin, National Review

Sensible, Family-loving Teens Behind Pregnancy Rate Drop
BBC News

Single Sailors Think Navy Hinders Likelihood of Marriage, Survey Says
Brock Vergakis, Virginia Pilot

Children of Divorcing Parents Want More Information and More Say in What Happens, Study Says
Angus Randall, ABC News (Australia)

Does Postpartum Contraceptive Use Vary By Birth Intendedness?
Karen Benjamin Guzzo, Kasey Eickmeyer, & Sarah R. Hayford, Perspectives on Sexual and Reproductive Health