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  • Friday Five: Parents and social media, putting relationships at the heart of policy, and more. Tweet This
  • Friday Five: Who's funding fatherhood initiatives, which college majors are most likely to marry each other, and more. Tweet This
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Relationship Education and Counselling: Recent Research Findings
Cathryn Hunter and Joanne Commerford, Australian Government

The College Majors That Are Most Likely to Marry Each Other
Ana Swanson, Washington Post

Parents and Social Media
Maeve Duggan, Amanda Lenhart, Cliff Lampe and Nicole B. Ellison, Pew Research Center

14 Ideas for Putting Relationships at the Heart of Policy
David Marjoribanks and Chris Sherwood, Relate

Who's Funding Fatherhood Initiatives?
Kiersten Marek, Chronicle of Social Change