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  • Friday Five: The good news and bad news about millennial parents, how to prevent child abuse, and more. Tweet This
  • Friday Five: The recession's effect on young women's fertility, improving opportunity for black men, and more. Tweet This
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Millennial Childbearing and the Recession
Nan Marie Astone, Steven Martin, and H. Elizabeth Peters, Urban Institute

Improving Opportunity for Black Men: The Role of Economics, Culture, and Policy (video)
Robert Cherry, Kathryn Edin, Orlando Patterson, and Michael D. Smith, AEI

The Bad News (Poverty) and Good News (Education) About Millennial Parents
Josh Zumbrun, Wall Street Journal

Decline in Marriage Since 1980 Means 1.8 Million More UK Kids Endure Family Breakdown
Marriage Foundation

Preventing Child Abuse: The Crying Baby
Kelly Nielson, Father Factor