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  • Friday Five: Relationships as the best medicine, how family stress affects kids' diabetes risk, and more. Tweet This
  • Friday Five: A century of marriage in Ireland, debates over who should bear the costs of childrearing, and more. Tweet This
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The Best Medicine?: The Importance of Relationships for Health and Wellbeing
Sarah Handley, Iona Joy, Cecilie Hestbaek and David Marjoribanks, Relate and New Philanthropy Capital

Family-Related Stress Can 'Triple Risk' of Children Getting Diabetes
The Telegraph

To Thee I Do Wed: A Century of Marriage in Ireland
Dan MacGuill, The Journal

Who Should Bear the Costs of Raising Kids?
Isabel V. Sawhill and Emily Cuddy, Social Mobility Memos

IKEA Is Getting Into the Wedding Business
Melissa Locker, Time