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  • More bling, shorter marriage, AEI summer honors program, and more. Tweet This
  • A "Black Wives Matter Movement," the rising cost of raising kids in Australia, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

The Bigger the Bling, the Shorter the Marriage?
Justin J. Lehmiller, Psychology Today

AEI 2024 Summer Honors Program—Application Deadline: March 8
American Enterprise Institute

America Needs a “Black Wives Matter” Movement To Rebuild the Black Family
Delano Squires, The Heritage Foundation

The Enormous Cost of Raising Kids is Forcing Aussies to Have Fewer Children—or None at All
Shannon Molloy, News.comAu

Discussion on Marriage, Economic Opportunity, and Family Flourishing w/ Melissa Kearney
Watch Recording via YouTube, Niskanen Center