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  • The soulmate trap, Japan's marriage ice age, and more. Tweet This
  • Latino parents support better social media policies, marriage as an anti-poverty tool, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

The Soulmate Trap
Jason S. Carroll, Adam M. Galovan, and David G. Schramm, Wheatley Institute

Japan Heads for 'Marriage Ice Age' with Lowest Number in 90 Years
Masaki Ishishara, Nikkei Asia

3 Ways to Nurture Your Love and Sustain Your Marriage During the Chaos of Parenthood
Healthy Relationships Utah, Utah State University

Marriage is Not as Effective an Anti-Poverty Tool as You've Been Led to Believe
Eleanor Brown, June Carbone, & Naomi Cahn, The Conversation

Latino Parents Support Policies Addressing Social Media’s Impact on Children’s Mental Health
Gabriel R. Sanchez, The Brookings Institution