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  • Black couples pay higher marriage tax penalty, new research on premarital cohabitation, and more. Tweet This
  • Professional development grants, parental control over social media control, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

Racial Disparities in the Income Tax Treatment of Marriage
 Janet Holtzblatt, Swati Joshi, et al., Tax Policy Center

Professional Development Grants
Applications due: 5:00 PM ET March 24, 2023
Marriage Strengthening Research and Dissemination Center (MAST)

Lawmakers Should Give Parents Control Over Kids' Social Media
Michael Toscano and Clare Morrell, Newsweek

Fiscal Benefits of Marriage and Reducing Family Breakdown in New Zealand
Andrew M. Bullians, Family First New Zealand

Premarital Cohabitation: Timing, Engagement, and Marital Outcomes
March 8, 2023 | Scott Stanley and Galena Rhoades
Webinar, The Dibble Institute