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  • Sliding vs. Deciding webinar, the world's lowest fertility rate drops further, and more. Tweet This
  • A marriage crisis and the holiday season, missing births from the COVID-19 baby bust, and more. Tweet This
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Webinar: Sliding vs. Deciding: Commitment, Ambiguity, and Relationship Formation
When: Jan. 12, 4:30 to 5:30 PM Eastern
Scott Stanley via The Dibble Institute

Early Evidence of Missing Births from the COVID-19 Baby Bust
Melissa S. Kearney & Phillip Devine, Brookings Institution

A Marriage Crisis and a Holiday Season
Save the Marriage Podcast

The World's Lowest Fertility Rate Is About to Get Even Lower
Jiyeun Lee, Sunday Times

White Evangelicals More Likely Than Other Christians to Say People Should Prioritize Marriage, Procreation
Stephanie Kramer, Pew Research Center