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  • A friendship recession for U.S. men, practices for strengthening families affected by parental incarceration, and more. Tweet This
  • The longest presidential marriage in American history, home visiting programs and child abuse, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

American Men Suffer a Friendship Recession
Daniel Cox, National Review

The Longest Presidential Marriage In U.S. History Turns 75 Today
Saeed Ahmed, NPR

The Ideal Job-Seeker Norm: Unemployment and Marital Privileges in the Professional Middle-Class
Aliya Hamid Rao, Journal of Marriage and Family

Home Visiting Program Linked to Less Child Abuse
Alison Jones, Duke Today

Promising Practices for Strengthening Families Affected by Parental Incarceration: A Review of the Literature
Meghan McCormick, Bright Sarfo, & Emily Brennan, OPRE, Administration for Children & Families