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  • Lessons from Jacksonville, FL's successful marriage campaign, changes to the military's family readiness groups, and more. Tweet This
  • How low-income families pay for child care, self-harm among boys and girls linked to parental adversity, and more. Tweet This
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Can We Strengthen Marriage? Lessons from the Culture of Freedom Initiative in Jacksonville, Florida
October 18 at 2:00-3:15 PM at AEI
Institute for Family Studies and American Enterprise Institute

Here's Why the Army is Changing Its Family Readiness Groups
Karen Jowers, Military Times

Marriage Linked to Longer Lifespan, New Data Shows
Dennis Thompson, UPI

How do Low-Income Families Pay for Childcare?
Angela Rachidi, AEIdeas

Self-harm and Suicide Among Boys and Girls Linked to Adversity Experienced by Both Their Mothers and Fathers
Child & Family Blog