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  • 5th annual American Family Survey, poverty among female-householder families, and more. Tweet This
  • TANF and MOE spending, training dad to help the whole family, and more. Tweet This
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Event: Fifth Annual American Family Survey
Deseret News and Brigham Young University
Friday, Sept. 13, 10:00 AM EST at the American Enterprise Institute

Poverty Rate for People in Female-Householder Families Lowest on Record
John Creamer and Abinash Mohanty, U.S. Census Bureau

TANF and MOE Spending and Transfers by Activity, FY 2018 (National & State Pie Charts)
ACF, Office of Family Assistance

Caregiver Stress: The Crucial, Often Unrecognized Byproduct of Chronic Disease
Elsevier via Medical Xpress

How Training Just for Dads Helps the Whole Family
Juli Froga, KQED News