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  • Maintenance sex, how marriage benefits mental health, and more. Tweet This
  • The timing of parental divorce, Generation Z on social and political issues, and more. Tweet This
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What is Maintenance Sex? It May Help Strengthen Your Marriage
Wendy Rose Gould, NBC News

Timing of Parents' Split Matters for Children's Mental Health, New Research Reveals
University College London, Institute of Education

Generation Z Looks a Lot Like Millennials on Key Social and Political Issues
Kim Parker, Nikki Graf, and Ruth Igielnik, Pew Research Center

How Can Marriage Be Good for Mental Health?
David Levine, US News & World Report

Are Educators Setting Goals for Social-Emotional Learning? Evidence from Nationally Representative Surveys
Christopher Joseph Doss, William R. Johnston, and Goke Akinniranye, RAND Corporation