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  • Tax reform for the working class, repartnering after divorce in Belgium, and more links. Tweet This
  • Interracial cohabitation in the U.S., the global culture children need, and more links. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

The Global Culture Each Child Needs
Patrick F. Fagan, Mercatornet

The Socio-economic Determinants of Repartnering After Divorce or Separation in Belgium
Inge Pasteels and Dimitri Mortelmans, Demographic Research

Tax Reform for Working-Class Families
Josh McCabe, National Review

​​​Non-cohabiting Relationships Mainly a Transitional Situation in France
Arnaud Regnier-Loilier, NIUSSP

Among U.S. Cohabitors, 18% Have a Partner of a Different Race or Ethnicity
Gretchen Livingston, Pew Research Center