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  • Friday Five: Mapping the decline of marriage, empathizing with your kids, and more. Tweet This
  • Friday Five: Why many millennials say the American dream is dead, how marriages shape coparenting, and more. Tweet This
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Parents, Want Less Conflict with Your Kids? Try Empathy
Joshua Freedman, Six Seconds

Why Almost Half of Millennials Think the American Dream Is Dead
Philip Bump, Washington Post

A Husband's Involvement in Parenting Depends on His Relationship With His Wife
Child and Family Blog

Two Maps on Marriage in America, 1980–2015 
Andy Kiersz and Elena Holodny, Business Insider

Labor Market Conditions at School-Leaving: Long-Run Effects on Marriage and Fertility
Johanna Catherine Maclean, Reginald Covington, and Asia Sikora Kessler, Contemporary Economic Policy