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  • IFS is seeking a dynamic, motivated, and experienced communications specialist to help further our mission. Tweet This
  • The mission of the Institute for Family Studies is to strengthen marriage and family in the United States. Tweet This


The mission of the Institute for Family Studies is to strengthen marriage and family in the United States by producing rigorous cutting-edge research, lively commentary, and public education highlighting the critical role that a healthy marriage culture plays in safeguarding the American Dream. IFS’ overarching goal is to call urgent national attention to the alarming “retreat from marriage” that is taking place in the United States, particularly in poor and working-class communities, that is having a devastating effect on the health and welfare of the next generation of children. IFS seeks to establish a national consensus on the need to bridge the growing marriage divide, and to work with allied organizations to develop public awareness campaigns and effective community responses that can help couples and families in crisis.


To further this goal, we are looking for a dynamic, motivated, and experienced communications specialist with both a passion for strengthening marriage and family where they are weakest, and a proven capacity to reach and educate community leaders, and an excellent track record of working with the media. This position is a “remote-office” opportunity for someone interested in working from his or her home, but with regular and routine communication with IFS leadership, as well as a substantial amount of traveling.


  • Promote IFS scholars and scholarship through outreach to members of the media and leaders in other spheres.
  • Boost IFS’ presence on social media and increase website traffic.
  • Build coalitions for strengthening families among non-profits, service providers, business groups, policy centers, and schools.
  • Help integrate major IFS findings into public education campaigns.


The ideal candidate will possess:

  • Five-plus years of experience in media and/or media relations, preferably with a public policy emphasis.
  • Familiarity with the fundamentals of social science research; a graduate degree in social science a plus (though not required).
  • A passion for strengthening the health and stability of the American family.
  • Experience in public speaking and representing organizations in media interviews.
  • An outgoing, gregarious, and engaging personality with a “sales” mentality.
  • Experience in grass-roots coalition building.


Interested candidates should send a letter of interest and resume with salary history to the president of IFS, Dr. Richard A. Brake, at rich@ifstudies.org. Competitive salary and benefits commensurate with experience. We are looking to fill the position by December 31.