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  • Dating in the age of Trump, what parents need to know about teen sexting, and more. Tweet This
  • Family-centered social media, work-family conflict and children's mental health, and more. Tweet This
Category: Friday Five

What Do Parents Need to Know About Teens and Sexting?
Samuel Ehrenreich, Nevada Today

The Evolution of Fathering Research in the 21st Century: Persistent Challenges, New Directions
Sarah J. Schoppe‐Sullivan and Jay Fagan, Journal of Marriage and Family

Dating Across the Aisle is Difficult in the Age of Trump
Daniel A. Cox, American Enterprise Institute

How Does Parental Work-Family Conflict Impact on Children’s Mental Health?
Andisheh Vahedi, Isabel Krug and Elizabeth Westrupp, Emerging Minds

Recognizing Family-Centered Social Media: The 2020 Family Is Awards
The Richard and Linda Eyre Family Is Awards